1. Hunters are one of two classes that can have a pet. Warlocks and Hunters are the only two classes able to have pets. This gives the ability for a https://ammoshopinc.com/product-category/rifle-ammo/300-blackout-ammo/ companion, a tank, or an extra way to DPS. A Hunter’s pet is useful for many different situations.

2. Hunters are the only ranged class that deal physical damage. Hunters are the only ranged class that are not a caster. This gives them the benefits of a melee and the benefits of a caster. They can DPS at a distance, but not rely on resists or any other issues with casting spells.

3. Hunters are the only class able to use traps. A Hunter has a wide arsenal of traps, allowing them an edge against their opponents. They can freeze things, slow things down, or use one of three traps that deal damage in various ways. This allows a Hunter to have a surprise waiting for whoever their opponent might be.

4. Hunters are the only class able to feign death. This obviously has its advantages. Hunters are able to dodge death time and time again. With the addition of Jumper Cables, they can be an emergency pick-me-up. This ability will also save a Hunter from large repair bills.

5. Hunters have access to most weapons and armor. Hunters are able to use most types of weapons and can use all armors except for plate. This gives them a large amount of versatility for choosing their gear.

6. Hunters are a great kiting class. With Aspect of the Cheetah and a 40 yard attack range, Hunters can kite anything that they can outrun. There are even some bosses that can be kited by a skilled Hunter. This has lots of perks if players enjoy defeating harder than normal mobs.

7. Hunters are great at soloing. With the use of a pet, ranged attacks, traps, and many other utilities, Hunters are one of the best soloing classes in the game. They are often used for farming, as they can kill virtually nonstop.

8. Hunters are very easy to level with. With the use of a pet, traps, and many other abilities that make them incredible at soloing, Hunters can level very rapidly by themselves. They have hardly any trouble at all killing mobs consecutively.

9. Hunters can deal high amounts of steady damage. With a low amount of mana usage, a pet, and autoshot, Hunters can deal a high amount of steady damage over a very long period of time. This allows them to deal lots of damage on long fights.

10. Hunters are very good to PvP with. With a Beastial Hunter, they are able to PvP very well. Their pet can deal lots of damage while using their abilities to lock players down. Hunters are also very slippery and can escape bad situations.



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