Affordable Dental Insurance – Not an Oxymoron

Having healthy gums and teeth are essential components to being healthy overall, yet many people can’t keep their teeth and gums healthy because they can’t afford dental insurance.

Because dental insurance premiums and treatment costs have risen dramatically in recent years, dental care has become financially inaccessible to many people. It’s estimated that more than 108 million children and adults are without dental insurance in the United States.

The need for affordable dental care has grown and more and more people are discovering the value of discount dental plans as a cost-effective alternative to traditional dental insurance.

This shift in the dental care marketplace can be attributed to concerns with cost, choice of care and the service received. Many customers and employers are choosing to stay away from expensive premiums, poor service and strict restrictions, all of which often come with traditional dental insurance.

Instead, more consumers and employers are looking toward the alternative of affordable dental care, which offer a discount on high-quality dental services.

Discount dental plans are hardly second class. They offer consumers the value they want with access to quality dental care that is now affordable thanks to the dental plan. They can pay a low price and choose their dentist as well.

Here’s how a typical dental plan would work: Consumers pay a low annual membership fee and are given access to a network of participating dental providers. Plan members will receive discounts for their care, which can be anywhere from 10 to 60 percent on most dental procedures 植牙費用 including root canals, crowns, braces, dentures, cosmetic services and more.

Some discount dental plans even offer additional benefits like prescription, hearing, vision and chiropractic care.

These types of plans are great for employers and other groups who can manage and implement dental benefits easily and effortlessly.

Discount dental plans also offer businesses the opportunity to extend dental benefits to those usually not covered by traditional dental insurance plans, like part-time workers, the retired and seasonal employees. By encouraging their employees to join in a discount dental plan, employers can have some peace of mind knowing they are helping their employees and others to maintain good dental health affordably.

There are many places to buy a discount dental plan, but one of the best is Dental Plans.com. This company is the leading online provider of dental care, and offers consumers a choice of over 30 plans. These plans involve a combined network of more than 100,000 dental providers. It’s the company’s mission to provide discount dental plans to anyone who wants it, and does so by partnering with quality care providers who help administer the discount dental plans.

Discount dental plans offer a great solution for anyone looking for quality dental care, but who wants to save money as well. They offer a solid solution to individuals, families, business owners and other groups looking for affordable dental care options



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