Cellphone Lookup and Dave’s Plumbing Service Revived

Dave has had a plumbing service for years. He was doing okay but always had a few too many time slots that were empty for his liking. In fact, if Dave had been using a cellphone lookup a year earlier he would have probably never had a slowdown in his business.

He started using a reverse cellphone lookup about a year ago. He is now built up a decent list of new clients and they always call him first. His business has increased by 30% from the lowest point in the last year. How? By keeping in contact with his customers. He sends postcards on important dates and sends occasional tips to his list of customers. Dave is also able to get addresses of the people that just call in. He will then send these new customers a checklist of things to check in their house. The business gained over 30 new loyal customers last year and Seattle Plumber has no large blocks of empty time slots anyone.

By using a quality reverse lookup service Dave was able to build his business even in rough economic times. This can work well for almost any business. Using an annual plan he saves a ton of money on advertising. As anyone in business knows the old pages is a very expensive way to advertise. By reducing his phonebook advertising in both increased it business and cut back on advertising costs. Word-of-mouth is the best way to advertise.

The information one receives with the quality reverse cell phone lookup will include the persons name, address and a map. Dave takes this information and prints it out and keeps it in the file for each individual customer. When he has a call he can just pull the map out and he knows right where he is going. Anyone that has any type of service business can appreciate having an individual map for each customer.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to build rapport with your customers take a look at a good reverse cell phone lookup service. In tough economic times it’s more important than ever to keep in touch with your customers. I hope you can see the value of using a service like this for your business because it really can make a difference.

Of course, there are other reasons to use this type of service. Maybe you have seen some suspicious numbers in your phone bill or maybe your children are talking to people that you’re not so sure about. Using a quality service will get you those answers quickly.


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