Not everything about boxing is based on a good solid punch. Well, it helps a lot if you can pack a mean punch, but proper footwork is also needed to win a match. Proper footwork helps a lot in a fight, it can help you keep your balance, to dodge your opponent’s blows and if ever you get hit, it helps you to stay upright and avoid falling. No matter your speed and muscle, you cannot win without a coordinated footwork. Every boxer needs custom-made boxing shoes.

Custom made boxing shoes can enhance your footwork and can keep up with your speed. When choosing to customize one for yourself, check for the materials used and the construction of the shoes. Also look for a design that bests suit you, your shoes are your accessories and they should best represent your personality.

Most shoes available in the market have leather and suede uppers with no support or if they have, just little support on the forefoot and heel. Some also do not have treading; all they have are non-slip out soles that help to keep you the custom shirt boxes boxer from rolling down the ring. This is not the wisest thing to wear in your fight; you must have good custom-made boxing shoes that are breathable and lightweight. This is very important as you will be jumping around the ring with this. This could very well ruin your game if it is not made properly. If you have some money to spare on your shoes, choose leather for the material. Leather is cost more but it will definitely money worth spending on your part.

Have you ever heard of ring fashion? As boxers are only wearing shorts, shoes and their teeth protector, they have only little to no chance of making a fashion statement. Usually, the shorts’ color is patterned after the colors of the country’s flag; names printed on the teeth protector and of course a fashionable design of your custom-made boxing shoes.

Before confirming the purchase, try to walk around with the shoes first. Custom made boxing shoes should fit you very well and feel comfortable on your feet. Feel for any discomfort in the toes, arches and heels. Also choose between low top and high top shoes. The low top shoes are like ordinary tennis shoes and the high top ones are those that has laces to the shins. No cut is better than the other; just choose whatever cut you are more comfortable with.

The ring is your ballroom and custom made boxing shoes are the perfect ballroom shoes for you. So dance around your opponent and win the fight.


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