Determine the Best Laptop For You

In buying anything there are always 2 main concerns. First is the need and second is the price. Why would you buy if it is not needed, right? And then your capacity to spend follows. So this article is not for those who are not constrained by prices. When it comes to electronics, the best is always the high end models. But here, we will be defining what the best laptop is for somebody who is not adept to the specs of the gadget and who is also on a limited budget.

By determining how you are to use the laptop, you can determine the right features for you. Remember, the higher the features the higher the price becomes. Here are the basic features you need to look for:

1. Operating System (OS)

Most laptops are already included with a Microsoft OS, the newest one being Windows 7. In most cases, even if the computer is to be used for a small business setting, the basic or starter OS version should already suffice.

2. CPU

There could be 2 major players here, AMD and Intel, the latter being more expensive. The processor’s GHz determines its speed. Even for just home users or students, getting not less than an Intel Core Duo or its AMD equivalent is the best.

3. RAM

With the features of current OS, all PCs should hp pavilion ryzen 5  have at least 2 GB of RAM. This determines the speed of your computer to react on commands. Commands can be as simple as opening or saving a document. If you are to use the computer mainly for internet, word processing and some spreadsheet creation from time to time then you do not need a very high RAM.

4. Video Card

A powerful video card is not necessary unless the laptop is to be used for video editing, gaming and the likes.

5. Ports

This is important so you can connect devices to your laptop which will is definite to happen at some point. USB ports are the most used and most notebooks will have 1 or 2 of those ports. Card slots are also important as these can be used when transferring files to your computer from a memory card.

6. Bluetooth and Wi-fi Connections

A wi-fi connection is becoming a necessity now so it is advisable to get a laptop with this feature. You would want Bluetooth if you wish to transfer files from other Bluetooth devices, like cellphones, to your laptop.

7. Battery

The old models of laptops have a maximum battery life of only 2 hours. Today, batteries can service a laptop for 6 hours or more so the hassles of bringing extra batteries have been eliminated somehow.

In retrospect, this means that a cheap laptop is not good or the expensive ones are the best. The right way to choose the best laptop for you is to know first your needs for computers.


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