Digital Asset Management – A Must For All Businesses

If your company is looking to store a few hundred photographs or millions of pages of digital data, then you really need to consider investigating the option of Digital Asset Management (DAM). For several years now businesses have been awarded the luxury of being able to access, store and retrieve all digital media, including photographic images and other files. However it wasn’t too long ago that management of this all important material was handled in a manual fashion. People were very used to storing, filing and accessing this material in lockable cupboards and cabinets – how things have changed!

Right throughout the world businesses are continually being introduced to endless growth and advancements in the technology area. Digital Asset Management comes in the form of software that enables ease-of-access and an excellent form of security for your company. This can ensure that business runs as smoothly and as organised as possible. A good DAM software programme enables the company to efficiently manage internal and external users.

Digital assets are any company material in electronic format that is associated with your product’s branding. Some of these may include logos, photos and illustrations, documents, PDFs, maps and video and audio files. digital asset management For most companies, the loss of such material can prove anything from disruptive to catastrophic or completely destructive. Digital asset management assists greatly with day to day operations and maximum productivity by ensuring that digital material is 100% secure, in an organised state and highly accessible to internal and external users.

Photographers are very thankful for the introduction of DAM systems. This allows their images to be distributed online. Their photos can be accessed using a sophisticated permission feature that allows controlled access to required categories and assets. DAM software also allows for metadata and keywords along with other information to assigned to the file. Having these features provides an effective search function for users.

Some of the major advantages of Digital Asset Management include:

– The ability to maintain integrity of digital assets
– Easy-to-locate filing and document share
– Able to free up data storage capacity on the company server and host off-site
– Browser based access with ease
– Various levels of security settings for different users
– Version control of assets

For practically all businesses, the ROI using digital asset management makes it very appealing. New research indicates that digital file location attempts are performed over 80 times a week with 35% of those attempts being failures to find the file. With DAM you can reduce that figure to a low 5%!

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