With the emerging of 3D movies like Avatar which is widely accepted by the movie fans all over the world, the television industry has improved significantly and rapidly nowadays. Amongst the top television manufacturers, Samsung is one of the first brand introducing a 3D TV and Blu-Ray player to the market.

This year Samsung once again released its modern designed 3D LED HDTV product, the Samsung UE46C8000. It’s not really an affordable product for everybody, with a price tag of around 1400 you cannot that it is cheap. However, when compared with other products in its class, we can say that UE46C8000 is really worth its price. Also this is actually an alternative product for its big brother the C9000 series which offered for a lot higher how to get daily wire on samsung smart tv price.

Samsung is known for their luxurious design, and the UE46C8000 strengthen that reputation. It utilizes LED backlighting, and Samsung has made it extremely slim which is no more than 24mm deep, and that is actually pretty amazing for a television with a screen size that big. The design also enriched by a brushed aluminum bezel along the edge and completed with a glass surround. Not only the main part that looks great, the stand also looks gorgeous with X-shaped and chrome. Also, don’t forget about the remote, with brushed-aluminum bezel and equipped with backlit to make it easier to find the right buttons even in the dark shows that Samsung really pay attention to details.

However, a great design is useless without great functions, that’s why this television is filled with sophisticated features including connectivity capability. Samsung UE46C8000 has 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and an Ethernet socket for easier digital media playback, one of the USB ports also made available for recording so you can save your favorite programs from the TV.

The Ethernet connection enables you to gain access for some online videos including YouTube, Dailymotion, also BBC’s iPlayer from your television. There are also several choices of simple games you can access like AccuWeather or Google Maps. Your browsing experience will become more delightful with the help of Samsung Apps, you can easily access Samsung Apps store online to get tools and widgets for your browsing and streaming experience.

Samsung UE46C8000 has 3D Hyper Engine including 200Hz picture processing and also a scanning backlight to guarantee smother images. This TV could deliver greater contrast and heavier black levels with the help of LED backlighting which effectively adjust the edge LEDs. The colors also very natural thanks to the Samsung’s wide color enhancer plus technology. All those technologies would surely make HD contents displayed incredibly clear and sharp.

Probably the most significant point we can see from this television is its 3D capabilities. However, you still need to use active 3D glasses which are quite costly and unfortunately not included with the TV set, so you would need some extra expenses in order to make the whole family could enjoy a 3D movie. But despite that, the quality of 3D image brought by the device is quite phenomenal.

This television also has the ability to convert 2D content into 3D. It’s actually quite amazing, though it’s not very comfortable to watch for a long duration. You can set the level of aggressiveness of the 3D impression, but still it won’t feel perfectly natural for our eyes.


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