Gnosis: The secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed

Brad Pitt Compares Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ To Propaganda |  IndieWireBut, in the times gone by, our ancestors saw through all of this and recognized that there was another way. They discovered that in-order for man to elevate himself above the level of the grind-stone, he needed to alter his internal dialogue. Man needed to understand christian mysticism himself and the forces that drive him.

This unique understanding – that there could be a higher goal for mankind, whether collectively or individually – evolved into what we now know as Gnosticism. Of course this is a massive oversimplification and we should always take into account the mystics – those who have experienced what we would call other-worldly emotions or visions. Also, regardless of popular perception, the Christian’s were not the only Gnostics and mystics. Gnostic comes from the Greek word gignoskein meaning simply to know. It was applied to “one sect of so-called philosopher’s in the first ages of Christianity. ”

To me the Greek term implies all-knowledge. This is a kind of knowledge gained much like plugging ones mind into the world wide web and being able to download every single piece of data in an instant. In the same way, the true Gnostic, much like the mystic, could understand all things in a unique way. Whether this is the mind tapping into the collective unconscious, the Akashic records, or any other name given to the process, does not matter for the purpose of this article, the fact remains, it was believed. And because of this belief, physical manifestations of the internal belief system emerged the world over. In this way, the temples of man, were exactly that – Temples of Man. As time went on I began feel that something wasn’t right, something kept pricking at my soul. Now throughout my whole occult experience I never once stop believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. When my eyes began to open to what I was into, the first thing I notice was that they talk a lot about “the Christ” but this was a strange christ. This was not the Christ that i had come to love and adore; this was not the Christ of the bible. Then i notice that every time Jesus’ name was mention along with other so called prophets like Mohammad, Buddha, Deli Lima, etc. His name was never mention first; His name would be like the third or fourth in the list, so to me they were saying that His name was no higher than all the other so called prophets. Another thing they would not mention was Sin, as if there was no such thing as sin, why would they avoid such an important topic? So now since there is no sin, there is no need for the blood of Jesus Christ, which washes away the sins of the world. As God began to open my eyes, I began to see that it is not that they just don’t believe, there is deep seated hatred for the Christ of the bible and His true Church. They can accept any religion except Christianity. But they love to use Christian scripture and twist it to their advantage. Then there were things I start noticing about myself, for all the time and dedication I was putting this, I was still powerless over the sin in my life. Even after all this eye opening evidence I continued in my occult studies. Then something happen, I was living with lady friend of mine in Los angeles Ca. Once as we were sitting talking she said, Roy you’ve got my house full of spirits. This really hit me because by this time I knew this whole occult stuff was about spirit communication and spirit possession. That’s right; their number one goal is that you become possessed by some demonic spirit. I could on and on, but I think you get the picture. As i woke from the dream, stunned that could do such a thing, I could still taste the feces in my mouth. Immediately I knew what the dream meant, there was no trying to understanding the meaning, I knew without a doubt what it meant. You see the perfectly cooked rice represented the truth of what the occult was teaching, because there is some truth in some of the things they teach, that’s how they get people caught up in it. (They mix lies in with the truth. )The feces represented the lies that they mixed in with the truth. And I was sucking it all down, and digesting it. Lord have Mercy! That’s the trick they use, to mix just enough truth in the lies and a twisted use of scripture to gain possession of the poor unsuspecting soul. There’s got to be a hell. Here’s what the word of God says about it:


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