HDTV Review – The Samsung LN52A650 LCD HDTV

Samsung brings about the full capability of its high definition technology development with the 50-inch LN52A650. The Samsung LN52A650 LCD HDTV displays stunning image details with rich and vibrant full colors. Its amazing display quality is currently unmatched and unrivaled in the HDTV market. samsung au7700

Let us first take a peek at the driving force of this amazing piece of innovation from Samsung.

Sporting a full 1080p High Definitive resolution, the LN52A650 provides true high definition viewing experience to viewers. Enhanced with a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, the 52-inch Samsung delivers realistic viewing for all. In addition, LN52A650 offers ultra smooth motion and ultimate bright and dark tones. This is most apparent when viewing live screenings or the latest movies.

This ultimate viewing experience is made possible with Samsung’s Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) technology. With CCFL, the LN52A650 is capable of displaying the truest, richest colors viewable by the human eye. This is a feat not achievable prior to the existence of CCFL technology.

The LN52A650 HDTV is also equipped with Samsung’s latest High Definition innovation. Yes, the innovative technology I am referring to is none other than Samsung’s Digital Natural Image Engine (DNIE). Powered by this top of the line engine, the LN52A650 delivers crisp, life like image.

Alright now. I’ve laid out for you the core of the LN52A650 unit. Is that all there is to it? Well, allow me, now, to bring forth the small goodies that this unit is also built on.

Many of those who bought and use the LN52A650 don’t actually utilize the built in speakers. Most prefer an external surround system. If you don’t have external surround system, have no fear. This Samsung LN52A650 LCD unit comes built with an exceptional set of speakers. Not only are the speakers remarkably good, they are also strategically hidden from view. I’m very sure that you will be more than satisfied with the factory built SRS TruSurround XT speakers.

The LN52A650 comes installed with a built-in information bar on the internal tuner. The info bar shows a graph of the position of a show, audio, end time, and the call letters of the channel. It’s pretty much a digital cable guide, if you’re familiar with one.

Wouldn’t it be great if a perfect item actually exists? Well, if there is one, then the saying “Nothing’s perfect” can’t be used anymore, can it?

As with everything else, the Samsung LN52A650 LCD HDTV is far from perfect. For all its prowess and advanced technology, it still lacks a tad in the anti glare area. Be aware that glare will definitely ba a problem if the unit is located in a room with directly hard sunlight. That’s it. The only problem with the LN52A650 worth mentioning.

Lets see now. We’ve touched about the nice thing that comes with the LN52A650. We have also touched on the one tiny problem with glare. What else is there to talk about?

The only thing left to say about this Samsung unit is.. If you are in the market for a 52-inch HDTV, give this awesome piece of electronics a look see.

Don’t miss out on this excellent piece of high definition experience offering from Samsung. Get the reviewed Samsung LN52A650 Best Pricec=ln52&n=162673011&i=B001413DF8&x=Samsung_LN52A650_52_Inch_1080p_120Hz_LCD_HDTV_with_Red_Touch_of_Color] at Amazon’s Samsung HDTV Store.



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