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There are numerous competitions, including the Grand League and Head-to-Head competitions. If experience is your only motivation and not financial gain. However, Dream11 offers a distinctive approach with a few changes to the options. You must choose a captain or vice-captain after building a team of eleven players in accordance with the rules of the fantasy site. Both of them would receive additional points, with the vice-captain receiving a multiplier of 1.5 and the captain receiving a multiplier of 2.

Even though this is the standard structure, Faboom calls for the ranking of all eleven participants, not just two. You only need to join a contest based on your needs after successfully building your team. There are numerous online fantasy cricket leagues currently, much to the joy of Indian fans. While fantasy players are usually swarming to the worldwide match competitions, games involving associate states like Oman and the UAE are also gaining popularity.

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The T20 competitions are the talk of the town, even if the fantasy competitions for ODIs and Tests are more thrilling and difficult. Fantasy players wait to seize the moment from the IPL Fantasy League to the Global T20 League. The world’s most viewed league is the Indian Premier League. Therefore, it stands to reason that the IPL Fantasy League is also the most popular, though the others are gradually catching up.  Remember a few years ago when many were unsure of what Fantasy Cricket was? The cricketing community has come a long way in promoting the game. Global superstars like AB de Villiers and Steve Smith participate in the Big Bash Fantasy League and Caribbean Premier Fantasy League, both of which are very well-liked by the general audience.

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The Super League (PSL), the final T20 franchise league played before the epidemic, is also a closely followed league with Pakistan’s top players vying for the prized trophy. While the confusion over what fantasy cricket is has been resolved above, it is crucial to realize that fantasy cricket in India is entirely legal.  Fantasy cricket is not the same as betting on a specific event, despite the fact that betting sites are illegal in the nation.

To succeed and gain money, one must have a higher degree of talent and game understanding in fantasy cricket. The existence of more than fifty fantasy cricket apps supports fantasy cricket’s legitimacy in India. Additionally, the legislation requires that taxes be paid on the winnings. Though Dream11 is without a doubt the market leader in India for fantasy sports, other up-and-coming websites like Game of Guru, Faboom, Halaplay, and MyCircle11 are equally competitive with Dream11. There is no lack of options for Indian cricket lovers, with thousands of competitions springing up at any moment.

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There is no lack of options for Indian cricket lovers, with thousands of competitions springing up at any moment. The aforementioned websites might not be accessible to Fantasy Cricket US users. However, US citizens can test their skills in fantasy cricket on websites like and cricbattle. Depending on the amount of money you want to win, there are various competitions. Grand leagues or multiplayer leagues are the best options if you want to make more money with less effort.



If you want to play it safe, head-to-head matches are the ones where the chances of winning are 50/50. One can question the necessity of playing fantasy cricket in the afterthought. Simply download a fantasy sports app like Game of Guru and begin assembling a team for any game that suits your preferences. After successfully registering for a contest, live score update provides you with all the details you require regarding the contest’s status.



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