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How to Post Classified Ads on Facebook

Classified advertising is one of the many forms of advertising which is specifically common in periodicals, newspapers, online newsletters, and other dailies and they are either distributed free or if the circulation has already reached a high level, it may be sold for profit. Newspaper and other daily advertisements are generally short, in fact many of them are published in abbreviated forms since they are charged per line or per letter and one newspaper column wide.

Publications like newspapers or other forms of published pamphlets or tracts usually allot a specific section for classified advertisements, and there are also certain publications which carry only advertisements. Normally, the ads are grouped into specific categories or classes like for instance the “electronics and gadgets section”, or the free classified ads posting sites “wanted section”, or perhaps the “cars for sale department” and the ever famous “house for sale and house for rent section”.

Classified ads are way cheaper than the traditional large display ads that we see on the streets like billboards and posters because of it more limited visibility, yet it attracts a more targeted group of people since the ads do not seek out people who need the products being advertised since the process is reversed – people who are on the lookout for specific items or services are the ones reaching out through the classified ads.

Social networks like the powerful Facebook have classified ads as well but the difference between the traditional classified ads and that of Facebook is that it can act like a conversation since the structure of Facebook is set in such a way that people socialize online by exchanging information, sending messages back and forth, and so Facebook managers realized the potential of Facebook in spreading classified ads and they partnered with Oodle, who only ranks second with Craigslist when it comes to Web 2.0 classifieds, and they created a more structured presentation of the online classified ads for Facebook.

For Facebook, if you are set up on a single view mode which means you are seeing just one ad, you will notice an icon linking to Facebook which when clicked will auto display the ad in your Facebook account, that is if you have an account. If you are set on multi-view, you would not see that link.

If you are selling something, this setup allows you increased opportunities for as many people to see your ad and what you have to sell. This also allows a Facebook user to show or display a link to your ad and the ad image itself even if the advertisement owner does not own a Facebook account.


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