How to Write Award Winning Blog Posts – What Pillar Articles Are and How They Can Help You

Writing award winning blog posts can be very beneficial for your business. I decided to write this article so that people can get a better understanding of what a good blog post is and how writing pillar content can help them.

You’ll need to write 5 amazing pillar articles. This is an article that is written in a tutorial style and it is supposed to teach your audience something. A pillar article is longer than 500 words and is full of very specific tips and advice from experience. The article you’re reading right now might be considered a pillar article because it is specific and is written in a “how-to” format or lesson. An article like this has very long term benefits and is not time sensitive. I suggest that you write many of these pillars as this will be very beneficial to your blog.

Make sure that you are writing blog posts while keeping your readers in mind. You should always write a post to teach them something. Offer tips and advice on how to solve problem. Use examples and interviews to get your point across. Writing a blog post doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to accomplish. Just remember that if the information is helpful, chances are that people could benefit from it.

Conduct an interview with an expert in your niche. There is no better way to establish credibility than conducting interviews with experts. You see, when someone reads your blog post and finds that you communicate with a well known name, that person is going to trust you. If you want to be an expert in your niche, you need to interview one.

Write a personal opinion post. I’ve written many pillar articles in the last few years and this one stands out to me. Personal opinion posts are very engaging and give your readers something to think about while visiting your blog. Write blog posts that are controversial. Controversy is huge for driving traffic to your blog. If you’re blogging about something that many people disagree with, you’ll get lots of traffic and free exposure to your business. I suggest that you write a controversial post at least once a month. This will ensure that people don’t associate your blog with being that way all the time. Amazing Posting

The title is the only thing that matters. I know, that’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s pretty important. You see, I’ve seen many bloggers get great results just because their title was above and beyond what most people would write. Make sure that it is compelling to read and captures the attention of your target audience right away. Use words that target the emotions and cause people to think a little. Words like, uncover, discover, secrets, etc.



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