Illinois Healthcare And The Government

According to the Governor of Illinois the state is leading the way in figuring out healthcare issues for thousands of children, senior citizens and working parents in the state and providing access to quality affordable healthcare. Whether they can utilize hospitals in the Chicago area or elsewhere throughout the state, it is a top priority in both the state of Illinois and the nation. The presidential candidates are all touting they have the answer to what this nation needs while Illinois stays ahead of the curve and in many areas is actually leading the way.

Along with the governor, working with many doctors and healthcare professionals at hospitals in Illinois, are numerous medical professionals who are also supporting the efforts to make sure that medical 陰道益生菌 services are accessible by those who need them regardless of insurance and financial status. According to the governor’s office, more than seven hundred and twenty thousand Illinoisans, which includes four hundred and ten thousand children, have gained access to healthcare coverage since the governor took office. For instance, the FamilyCare program has been expanded to provide an additional one hundred and forty-seven thousand working uninsured parents access to affordable health coverage.

As a leader, Illinois healthcare became for the first state in the nation to ensure that all women have access to breast and cervical cancer screenings and treatment. One of the ways this was carried out included expanding the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program to provide to all uninsured women in Illinois, regardless of income, access to the screenings that could save their lives. These steps have led to the national increase in survivorship of all cancers due to early detection and treatment of breast cancer and other cancers. Illinois believes in healthcare for all men, women and children, regardless of income, as a right not a privilege.

In that light, Illinois developed a program for those brave men and women who serve the nation by defending it overseas. This program provides access to programs and treatments to keep them healthy when they return to the great state of Illinois. The program is called the Warriors Assistance Program and is the first of its kind in the nation. Some of the services provided include a twenty-four hour toll free phone line which is staffed by health professions to assist veterans with symptoms related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This service also provides pre-emptive screenings for Traumatic Stress Disorder for all returning National Guard members. This is another example of being first in the nation for helping those in need of help without the means to get it otherwise.

Illinois is truly a leader when it comes to setting the standards for programs for those not fortunate enough to be covered for healthcare and get the services they may need to lead a healthy and happy life. We are, after all, the right to pursue happiness in this country. Part of that would have to be maintaining health and knowing that your children have access to healthcare. Illinois is way ahead in leading the nation with providing access to healthcare yet they feel they still have a long way to go.



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