Starting a Catering Business – Some of the Requirements You May Not Have Thought Of!

Once you have decided that you want to start a Catering Business you need to look at what various requirements your business needs to satisfy or a least consider, before you can start. These may include Business & License Requirements, insurance and capital.

The basics: for any business you need management, planning and organizing skills. Are their suppliers in your area and do they supply in the quantities you need? At first the size of your orders may be too small.

.Business & License Requirements: Depending on where you live you may require a catering license. You may need to do a course or prove you are knowledgeable on safe food preparation and employee cleanliness. For the catering license you may be required to have, business registration, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and business insurance which includes food-related liabilities. You may also need to work from a licensed kitchen. To start with it may be easier to rent a licensed kitchen. Try contacting churches, halls, bakeries, lodges or restaurants about renting their kitchen during their 烘焙牌照 off times. When using other peoples facilities you may also need to provide proof of liability insurance and a business registration.

Initial investment required: You may choose to start small with the equipment you already have. However as your business grows you will need to buy more equipment and supplies. If you decide to work from home you may need to spend at least $1500. If you choose to have other premises and install a specialized kitchen, then capital of$45,000 to $85,000, would be required. For more information see  e in one large niche such as corporate functions, wedding receptions or formal dinner events. Or more relaxed family and small functions such as birthdays etc.



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