The best Korean Drama You can watch. The Drama Queen (or King) At work

All Korean dramas are fun to watch but do you know what is the most interesting drama you can ever watch? Well, what do you need inside a Korean drama to actually make it a very fun drama. You would need action, love and adventure. Well this drama, the one I’m about to tell you, will have all of the above. It was one of the most popular drama that ever came out in Korea. The title is…

IRIS: This drama Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Episode is my all time favorite drama because the actresses and actors that are in it are great. Do you know the guy from G. I. JOE? Yes, he is inside this drama as well as Kim Tae Hee. They are all popular stars inside the Korean drama world. So what is the drama about?

Plot: It’s about two friends that are in the military. They both somehow fell in love with the same girl without each other Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Episode knowing and they both have been asked to join a secret force. From there, the main character, the friend had to leave the girl and go on a mission to assassinate someone. But he doesn’t know that his own organization has betrayed him and sent his friend to kill him off. With all that said, they start on this crazy adventure to find out what the truth is behind all that scandal. They uncover a lot of new things that were never to be uncovered so you better watch what happens!

This is a must watch drama because of all the emotion that runs through the show. Friends betraying friends, friends saving friends, love being torn apart and war with everyone. This has everything you look for inside a movie but in a drama form. Dramas are better because it builds a better plot!

Everyone knows who this is. This is the… ‘Why does the boss pick on me? ‘, ‘why am I always first? ‘, ‘why did he/she say that to me? ‘, ‘why was I centered out? ‘, ‘blah, blah, blah why me? ‘, ‘blah, blah, blah poor me’, ‘I’m better than everyone else, so why me? ‘ crier of the team.

Nothing is ever this person’s fault. Everyone should do everything their way. They speak without thinking and expect to be known as the guru of whatever subject is at hand. They wonder why they get ‘called out’ when they speak without filtering what they are saying. They interrupt, are abrupt, don’t know when to stop asking questions and provide commentary on every single point of a presentation, especially if they do not appreciate the presenter. They call their peers to re-hash every meeting, focused on any comments made by ‘the boss’… because those comments were all directed at them, of course!

So what do you do about this person? How do you handle them? Does ignoring them really work, or does it leave you ready to vent to your peers?! What are they thinking? Can you get inside their mind and understand why all the drama is required? Is this co-worker a narcissistic histrionic – everything is always about them to the maximum degree? Is there hope for an histrionic?

Let’s start slowly. It does not serve anyone well to get upset, irritated or yell at the Drama Queen (or King). You would only be enabling the ‘Drama-Queen (or King)-ness’. You would need to start by trying to understand. Perhaps, and most likely, this individual is insecure, has low self-esteem and needs constant validation. This individual is really looking for you to make them -and keep them- the center of attention. They are looking for you to validate their view of the negativity so they can continue to be in the drama.

Ask the Drama Queen (or King) about the obvious – for example, they are region 1 so they will always be first in the discussion of results. If you are brave, suggest that the Drama Queen (or King) as the meeting facilitator to start from a different direction.

Play back to the person, in exact words and tone what they have just said to you. Ask them to respond to this. It could be that they do not realize that they are always in Drama Queen (or King) -mode. And last, but not least, humor may actually help diffuse some of the pent up emotion and quell some of the jitters, allowing the Drama Queen (or King) to see their own reflection in the mirror and correct their own behavior. Validating their Drama Queen (or King) behavior only enables them to continue. For the sake of, at the very least, the business, be honest with them and help them to resolve their issue.


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