Tips For Optimizing Your AdSense Ads For Higher Income

The world of internet marketing has virtually endless possibilities. What one internet marketer does to make money may be the complete opposite of what another internet marketer does. That’s one of the greatest things about internet marketing – the fact that it allows anyone to make money in a variety of ways. AdSense has become a very quick way to make money online without selling products. While AdSense is pretty straight forward to set up and use, there are some things you can do to boost your AdSense profits. You will find some tips to do this here.

AdSense gives you the chance to  free classified ads posting sites   use several different ad block sizes. Each ad block, if you can believe it, boasts varying degrees of success. For instance, one block size might earn more money than others. And it’s not always the biggest sized one. The 336×280 size rectangle is by far the most successful of the sizes, while the 300×250 is next successful. Try and use either of these on your site.

For the most part, AdSense is very good about automatically putting relevant ads on the site for you. However, if your niche isn’t a particularly popular one, it might be a little harder for Google to do the work for you. Thus, you’ll want to make sure your site as a whole is very organized so that the Google spiders are able to go through your site, index it, and then create relevant ads.

Ugly ads stick out like a sore thumb. You don’t want to have ads on your site which completely go against the color scheme. Fortunately, Google allows you to customize the color of the ad blocks and this is definitely a good idea. For the lighter color schemes, you’ll want the ad color to match very closely. The darker color schemes look best with ads that contrast.

Link color is also a very important thing to think about when optimizing your AdSense ads. The link color of your AdSense ads should match the color of other links on your site. So if you have purple colored links, the AdSense link should be this color.

Placement means everything when it comes to AdSense ads. Incorrect placement on a site can mean little to no profit. Most AdSense users have great success with putting ads on the left or right side of their site, outside of content. They use borders for these ads. Other AdSense users which have ads within content use no borders. It’s important to do it like this so that the ads look good.


Make your content so informative and interesting that it would change life of your visitors (or at last give solution to problem they want to resolve). If they love your article so much, most of them will want to say thank you. Some of them will write stupid comments “thanks”, “great article”, “I love you…” etc. that bring nothing interesting to subject of your post and won’t let you earn a buck… But some smarter ones know what the ads are for and would click them for saying: “thanks – great content, you should make living of writing such a great posts!”…

Check what interesting people are talking about on social networking websites. Write short interesting articles about it. But don’t put to much information in it! Write only some brief most interesting facts and make people say “Hey… what an interesting subject… but I want to know more…”. Make sure that your ads fit topics you write about. People will click to find more information. In this strategy you can’t put any links to additional resources or people will choose to click it instead of your ads.

Make very interesting titles for your articles. But make content as boring as possible. Make them long and hard to read. Do not format it, do not use lists, paragraphs. Make people scream “Let me out of here!!!”. They will want to leave your site as soon as possible. Unfortunately some of them will close web browser with your site and will want to immediately forget about your article but… some of really bored visitors will click anything they see to leave your site and run away, the fare the better. If you will have some luck they would click your ads and you will get your revenue…



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