Why So Many Don’t Trust This President?: The Changing Stories: 4 Examples

Most of us, who have witnessed the stewardship of several Presidents, believe, Donald Trump, in many ways, is unlike any of those, who proceeded him! For some this seems to be good news, but, polls seem to indicate, for the majority, it is not! Especially, in times of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, such as we are presently experiencing, from a health perspective, as well as the many apparent risks on the international scale, plus the environmental and climate challenges, we face, Americans need to be comforted, and perceive, the leader of the free world, is worthy of, and earns their trust and confidence. Because of many factors, and the many, apparent lies and misstatements, made by this President, as well as his changing stories, and commentaries, we seem  russia ukraine news to be suffering from perceived, lack of confidence and trust, in our nation’s leader. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 examples, which dramatically, point this out, and demonstrate it.

1. Russia/ Comey/ Mueller: To most of us, there is something, fishy and suspicious about the whole, Russia behaviors, both, during, and after, Trump’s election. It seems, if he is innocent, and hiding nothing, why has he spent so much time and effort, prohibiting members of his administration, from testifying, and withholding, so many, apparently, relevant documents? Whose story seems more believable, former FBI Director Comey’s or the President’s? Why did Attorney General Barr, feel it necessary, to provide an incomplete, if not misleading interpretation, prior to submitting the Mueller Report? Even, a Federal Appeals Court, recently ruled, the Congress is entitled to see what was redacted, and why! When all the Intelligence agencies, as well as the Senate Committee (with a Republican Chairman) stated, Russia interfered with the 2016 election, if there is nothing suspicious, why has so much effort been spent, seeming to articulate a false – narrative?

2. Ukraine: Nobody, except, President Trump, and some of his party loyalists, believe, either, there was any misbehavior by Hunter Biden, or, that Ukraine, interfered, rather than Russia. Why, then, has Trump, repeatedly, articulated this narrative?

3. Coronavirus: It’s embarrassing to witness our President, speak about this current health risk! In, what was billed, as an address to the nation, which would answer, and comfort, it became necessary, almost immediately, for several of his statements to be contradicted, and corrected. From the onset of this worldwide scare, and concern, the White House has produced a less – than – stellar response, and consistently, articulated a message, stating, it was part of a political hoax. At best, this is concerning, but, at worst, more – than – a – little, disgraceful!

4. Social Security, Medicare, etc: Although, he articulates, during campaign appearances, how strongly he supports Social Security, Medicare, and protecting those with pre – existing conditions, his actions, and other speeches, seem to state, a contrary behavior. His last couple of budgets, reduced support for Medicare, etc, and his administration, is suing, to negate all aspects of the Affordable Care Act, including protecting pre – existing conditions (without introducing any alternative plan)! How, and why, should anyone trust anything, which comes out of his mouth?

When there is a widespread, standing – joke, How do you know when President Trump is lying?, and the answer is, When his lips are moving, it’s apparent, there is a crisis of trust! Wake up, America, and demand better, and a leader, who earns and deserves your trust and respect!



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