Will the USA Turn Towards Gambling to Cut Budget Deficits?

There seems to be an ongoing theme when it looks like the economy is struggling rather – and that seems to be whether or not the introduction of gambling, and frequently slot machine games, is a good way to raise income.

There is always a fight to be had between those who want to raise the moral issues of gambling before the economic issues are considered. There was a time where the UK was poised bitcoin roulette to allow new “super casinos” to be set up in different parts of the country. This plan, despite the revenue generation, was scaled right back thanks to concerns over the morality of gaming.

A debate in the Illinois state legislature as to whether or not to introduce casinos and expansion of video slot machines. They would allow existing casinos to expand, add new owns and allow slots on racetracks. All this comes to a point when the state has a significant budget deficit to consider. This was passed early in December 2010. It’s amazing how a $15bn budget deficit can help moral questions go to one side.

Other debates across the United States have met with a more mixed response – and there are several battles going on between different social and political groups. There is one in New Jersey, where the population say expand gambling in polls. Perhaps the tide is changing.

It ultimately comes down to a question of individual choice, or whether you believe gambling is more corrosive – in other words it’s clearly a political and ideological question.




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